Baltimore Business Journal: “Owings Mills firm launches ‘vaccine passport’ tool to aid in Covid recovery”

Owings Mills firm launches ‘vaccine passport’ tool to aid in Covid recovery

By   –  Reporter, Baltimore Business Journal

An Owings Mills software firm has developed a tool that it hopes can help expedite reopening plans at schools and businesses, as more people become vaccinated against coronavirus across the U.S.

Pinpoint Us LLC has released a new web application that allows people who have received Covid-19 vaccinations to generate a digital “vaccine passport.” The app, called VaccineCheck, is able to confirm a person’s vaccination status using state records and provide a portable validation code that can be shown to employers, schools, travel organizations and other entities that may request proof of inoculation.

Chris Nickerson, managing director at Pinpoint, said VaccineCheck verifications can be carried in place of the CDC vaccination cards given to people who receive their Covid-19 shots.

“Those cards are kind of a strange size. They don’t fit in anyone’s wallet and they’re paper, so they can be easily lost, ruined or duplicated,” Nickerson said. “We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get back to their lives and have that peace of mind.”

The VaccineCheck platform represents an expansion of another software product Nickerson’s company created, called WellCheck. That application allows organizations to monitor the health of their workforce through customizable screening tools, such as daily screenings for potential Covid-19 symptoms. Nickerson said the company has been working with local health departments, including those in Charles, St. Mary’s and Carroll counties, that were interested in the added capability of tracking vaccination progress among their employees and local populations.

Nickerson said the company is looking to roll out the VaccineCheck tool in Maryland first, but is also hoping to expand the tool’s usage among the WellCheck client base, which includes businesses, schools and government agencies across 42 states and seven countries.

VaccineCheck may have applications across all industries as the pandemic rolls on, Nickerson said. Many businesses, events and venues are mulling new policies requesting proof of Covid-19 vaccine receipt as they consider reopening dates. Nickerson pointed to examples like Rutgers University, which recently announced it expects all students planning to return to campus for the fall 2021 semester to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus.

“Just as important as your international passport, a vaccine passport clearly and easily shows that you are vaccinated and ready to return to your favorite sporting events, restaurants, community events and more,” Chief Information Officer and Partner Lance Cassell said in a statement.

Individuals can sign up to get their VaccineCheck passport online here. Businesses can also sponsor the use of VaccineCheck for their employers through a subscription membership model.