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What Businesses Should Know About Vaccine mandates

Businesses large and small are scrambling to put in place procedures, protocols and mandates around COVID-19 vaccination status, exemption requests and tracking of testing for unvaccinated employees.

Our free guide covers things business leaders should know that may help them to navigate these waters, including:

  1. The rules around mandates are complex and ever-changing.


  2. The rules should be clearly defined as part of an organization’s HR policies.


  3. Record keeping around vaccines and tests must be HIPAA compliant.


  4. Digital cards should be verified and QR code enabled


  5. Verification is not going away; businesses that realize this and get out in front of it will have a leg up on recruitment and retention.

Read more about how to ensure your policies meet the highest standards and avoid pitfalls that could be costly in time and money for your organization.