In the News: Pinpoint and the Carroll County Health Department Collaborate to Offer Residents Free VaccineCheck Verified Digital Card Program”

Pinpoint and the Carroll County Health Department Collaborate to Offer Residents Free VaccineCheck Verified Digital Card Program

BALTIMORE — Baltimore based company Pinpoint, which provides software solutions to keep communities safe, announces a partnership with the Carroll County Health Department to provide residents vaccinated for Covid-19 a free and secure digital version of their vaccination card. The VaccineCheck Program evolved out of the collaborative partnership and vision for technology solutions aimed at community safety and wellness with Maryland’s local health departments.

“VaccineCheck gives people an easy, convenient way to access their CDC vaccine card,” said Amanda Haugh, Administrative Program Manager at the Carroll County Health Department, who helped bring the program to Carroll County. “People call us every day to say they lost or damaged their paper card, and this is a great alternative. The Health Department has worked hard to make COVID-19 vaccinations easy and accessible, so we are happy to be able to offer this program to make it easy for people to get a digital version of their vaccination cards as well.”

The VaccineCheck multi-factor verification program using blockchain technology that enables residents to verify their immunization records through the Maryland vaccine registry. After the records have been verified, residents can save a digital copy of their vaccine card using the online platform and accessible through a smartphone.  Carroll County residents can also use the program to upload a copy of their paper vaccine card for safekeeping on our HIPAA-compliant platform. The digital vaccine cards are available to residents of Carroll County, anyone who was vaccinated in Carroll County and any residents that have been vaccinated in other jurisdictions especially bordering states.

“We are extremely excited about working with the Local Health Departments throughout Maryland. By offering free digital vaccine cards, we are giving vaccinated Maryland residents a safe, convenient, and accessible way to digitally store their vaccination cards,” says Chris Nickerson, VaccineCheck Managing Partner. “The ongoing dedication to the community and responsiveness of the Local Health Departments in Maryland have really put them out in front of any state-wide operated program in the country,” adds Nickerson.

The VaccineCheck Program is available in many states across the country.  The Carroll County Health Department does not require that residents get vaccinated or verify their vaccine status. Still, the program offers a safe and easy solution for those who want another way to keep their vaccination cards on a secure digital platform.

For more information about the VaccineCheck program, visit VaccineCheck, LLC at