Not Everyone Will be now What?

Be prepared.
Know your numbers.
Have a Plan.

Wellness Screening with Data Collection

Automatically deploy flexible HIPAA-compliant surveys via email and text message.

Automated Testing Compliance Management System

Those who elect for regular testing are reminded to upload testing results at predetermined intervals.

Exemption Workflow Monitoring & Reporting

Flexible workflows allow the implementation of your internal protocols and procedures.

Solutions to Manage the Unvaccinated

Flexible Wellness Screening

Trusted by local governments and Law Enforcement, our encrypted HIPAA-compliant Critical Event Management System currently serves organizations across all industries in 42 States and 7 Countries.

Testing Compliance Management

When an employee elects to submit for regular testing using our platform, they can upload from their phone or computer. The user will receive regular reminders to upload test results. Alerts are set to notify of non-compliance.

Exemption Monitoring & Reporting

Clients are experiencing a rising and surprising trend of those applying for religious and health exemptions. Our flexible workflows allow internal protocols and compliance details to be monitored remotely and securely.

Clients Love our Technology

Backed by over 30 years’ Enterprise Compliance Technology & Safety experience, we provide a full portfolio of solutions designed to protect, prepare & secure.  

HIPAA-Compliant Platform

Custom Procedures & Protocols

Flexible Screening Pathways

White-Glove Service