Enabling Consumer Confidence at no Cost to Your Organization

Accepting the VC Digital Card is 100% FREE

VaccineCheck® makes it simple for individuals to present their health status digitally, while maintaining privacy and security.

Powered by WellCheck and backed by over 30 years of Enterprise Compliance Technology and Safety experience, VaccineCheck® generates an authenticated digital version of a customer’s CDC vaccine card after verifying COVID-19 vaccine history.

Your customers can also use their VC Digital Card to prove their vaccine status if needed at any point. With lingering questions about mask compliance, give your place of business a unique advantage!

Accepted at organizations of all types and sizes, around the World.

Ready to enable acceptance of VC Digital Card at your organization or location?

Complete the details below to let us know. When Members present their digital vaccine card , scan their QR code or view their verified CDC card right there on their phone.

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