Vaccine Verification & Attendee Management For Events And Conferences

VaccineCheck for Events can help simplify your health screening needs for your next event or conference. With our health management platform, you can offer vaccine eVerification to attendees and on-site verification if needed.

Our flexible workflows allow for customization of your health screening protocol, alerts, reminders, 24/7 access to your secure data and 24-72 hour implementation. Upon successful eVerification, attendees can be issued a Digital Health Pass if desired.

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Know the Status of Your Population Health

Instant access to data and historical reporting for compliance or potential contact tracing. Organize your team into Groups or Cohorts to manage communications and workflows, enabling real-time accountability for all employees and visitors.

HIPAA-Compliant Survey & Screening

Trusted by local Governments and Law Enforcement, our encrypted HIPAA-compliant Critical Event Management System currently serves organizations across all industries in 42 States and 7 Countries.

Automated Notifications & Reporting

Teams and cohorts can be created with dashboard tracking and reporting, providing real-time results and historical data. Non-compliance alerts can be automatically triggered based on conditions and filters.

Vaccination Data Analytics on Demand

Collect & Comprehend Vaccine-related Data from Employees & Visitors

From the industry leader in innovative solutions for digital health card issuance, management & multi-factor verification

Remote Screening

HIPAA-Compliant Data Collection

Testing Management

Vaccination eVerification

Digital Health Pass Issuance

Personalized, Verified Digital Health Card provides people with a simple way to show proof of vaccination, creating a personalized digital version of a CDC vaccine card after verifying an individual’s COVID-19 vaccine history through immunization registries. Additionally, users of our service can upload images of their paper CDC vaccine card for safe digital record-keeping accessible through their smartphone or computer. 

Accessible via QR code and scannable on any device, stored in our HIPAA compliant cloud environment and accessible anywhere, the authenticated digitized copy of your CDC card is stored in our Verified VacccineCheck® Vault.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can your software handle conference walk-up registrations?

Yes! We can arrange to have a verifier on-call to handle your last minute health screening needs.

Is it required to do the digital health pass for attendees?

No, if you simply want access to who has passed a health screening and who has not, we can do that. The digital health pass is an add-on option. We are here to customize according to your event and conference needs.

Do I have to buy a yearly pass with VaccineCheck or can I buy a health screening program to support one event?

We will work with you on pricing that makes the most sense for your needs. We can work with you on an event by event basis, several events or on a one year term.

Will I have access to up-to-the minute health screening information for my attendees?

Yes! You will have your own back-office access to pull attendee rosters and their screening results so you’re ready when the first attendee check-ins for your event or conference.

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