Most frequent questions and answers

Are you a current VaccineCheck® member?  Visit our Support Center for assistance.

Yes, we take personal privacy and data security seriously. All data is stored in our HIPAA compliant secure data cloud. Linked here is our Privacy Policy. Reach out to Member@VaccineCheck.us with any questions.

Visit this page to get started. Complete the information and submit your details. Please be sure your entries are accurate to ensure proper guidelines are met. Upon successful verification, you will be notified of your Digital Pass within 5-7 business days.

No. This is a cross-platform WebApp so it will function and display seamlessly on any device, phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

No problem. Your Secure Personal Digital Passport generates a unique code that can be printed, photocopied or photographed, then scanned to gain access.

The Verified Digital Vaccine Card program is a yearly subscription purchase of $24.95 .  Learn more about Getting Started.  Please note, if you were provided details by your Company, School or Health Department, please follow those instructions to ensure proper registration.

Your feedback matters to us. We would be sorry to see you go. Visit the Contact Page or email Member@VaccineCheck.us with Cancel in the subject line. Please provide us with feedback on how we can improve or the reasons for your cancellation. We will stop any future payments. 


Present your health status digitally to gain access anywhere without ever losing control of your medical information. You have total and complete verifiable control over who sees your medical information.


Used by Local Governments and Law Enforcement. Our encrypted HIPAA-compliant Critical Event Management System currently serves organizations across all industries in 42 States and 7 Countries.


The Digital Health Passport goes where you go. Stored in our HIPAA compliant cloud environment and accessible anywhere, you can never lose it and stays protected against germs, and everyday wear and tear.