In Need of a State Verified Health Record for Travel?

Traveling to Singapore with your SVHR

Please note the link below for clarification on the Singapore travel situation from the CAAS Safe Travel Website You are now allowed to upload “your digital vaccination record retrieved through your state’s or local health authority’s public health database” using the inquiry form linked below.

Upon successful verification of your SVHR, complete the inquiry form link below to upload your digital verified proof into the VTL/CAAS system.!/60e693e777fd6b00111885d5

Upon completing the form below, you will be prompted to upload your vaccination details to our HIPAA compliant portal on the next screen. You will also receive a confirmation email with an access link that allows you to complete the submission process later from any device.

Please enter your name as it appears on your credit card. Let us know below if there is a preferred name on your Digital Pass for Travel or Identification purposes.
For example, let us know if you were vaccinated in more than one state. Or if there are concerns about names. The more information we have, the better. ** For international travel, is there a certain way you need your First, Middle and Last Name to appear?
If you were provided a Group Code, please enter it here. If you do not have a Code, please skip this field.
We offer 24 to 48-hour Rush Service that expedites your order to the front of the line. This is only the case if you were vaccinated in the USA, included your CDC vaccination card, and your submitted vaccination related details are 100% correct. ** The standard verification process varies based on many factors: data accuracy, where you were vaccinated, missing documentation, and responses to any follow up questions from our Clinical Team.
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