Verified Proof of Vaccination

Upon successful registration, clients will receive an email granting secure access to an online member portal to upload the proper vaccine related documentation. 

Our HIPAA compliant data collection system will guide you through the validation upload portion of the registration process.

Either use a phone to upload or take a picture, then upload your CDC Vaccination Card. It can be completed using any phone, computer or tablet. Just make sure it has a camera or access to image files.

SMART Card Enabled

VaccineCheck aligns with the international SMART Card framework, enabling travel and access to thousands of venues around the USA and World.

Register then Upload a Profile Image

Opt-in then upload or snap a picture of your face for your Digital Vaccine Card.

Upload your CDC Issued Vaccination Card

Take a picture of your card from your phone or upload from any device.

Verified by Medical Professionals

Our verification team confirms the validity of your documents.

Process & Timeline

Once you have successfully completed your profile and uploaded your documentation, our Verification Team, led by our Chief Medical Officer, will validate and verify your details. 

We have the process down to a science and turnaround period, which begins upon successful upload of confirmation of your vaccine-related assets into our HIPAA-compliant platform.

Step 1. Upload Image & Paper Vaccination Card

Once uploaded, the validation period begins, then assets are reviewed for quality & authenticity.

Step 2. Review & Notification

If no revisions are needed, once validated you will receive a success notification email requiring you to confirm a few final details.

Step 3. Confirmation & Delivery

Upon successful receipt of your response, you will receive an instant digital delivery of your Digital Vaccine Card.