Manage The Entire Immunization Lifecycle Within Your County

Flexible HIPAA Compliant data collection platform capable of systematically notifying individuals or cohorts to reach, screen & route toward healthier lives.

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100% User-Authorized Vaccine Verification & Digital Card Issuance

VaccineCheck® makes it easy for individuals to present their health status digitally, while maintaining privacy and security. Powered by WellCheck and backed by over 30 years of Enterprise Compliance Technology and Safety experience, VaccineCheck® generates an authenticated digital version of a CDC vaccine card after verifying COVID-19 vaccine history.

Residents can also use VaccineCheck® to upload images of their paper CDC vaccine card for safe digital record-keeping through their smartphone or computer. Data uploads and verification of vaccine history are conducted using the HIPAA-compliant WellCheck platform.

Our Support Team handles all calls and emails from Residents with questions and those that require assistance. 


Individual can present their health status digitally to gain access anywhere without ever losing control of your medical information. You have total and complete verifiable control over who sees your medical information.


Trusted by local Governments and Law Enforcement. Our encrypted HIPAA-compliant Critical Event Management System currently serves organizations across all industries in 42 States and 7 Countries.


Accessible via QR code and scannable on any device. Stored in our HIPAA compliant cloud environment and accessible anywhere, the authenticated digitized CDC copy in our Verified VacccineCheck® Vault.

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Essential Safety Screening & Critical Event management

WellCheck was founded in 2016. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we provide a full portfolio of solutions designed to protect, prepare & secure.

Before COVID-19, our HIPAA-compliant mobile device health exchange platform launched, enabling remote wellness visits, essential safety screening and secure communication in an emergency situation.

We have been providing trusted recognition of employees’ COVID-19 compliance status since March 2020. 

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