Digital Proof of Vaccination

State Verified Digital Vaccine Card

VaccineCheck‘s State Verified Health Records (SVHR) provide people with a simple way to show proof of vaccination. It creates a personalized digital version of a CDC vaccine card after verifying an individual’s COVID-19 vaccine history through immunization registries. Additionally, users of our service can upload images of their paper CDC vaccine card for safe digital record-keeping accessible through their smartphone or computer. 

The digital health record QR code identification is scannable on any device, stored in our HIPAA compliant cloud environment and accessible anywhere. The authenticated digitized copy of your CDC card is stored in our Verified VacccineCheck® Vault.

Getting Started with VaccineCheck

VaccineCheck has partnered with County Health Departments around the Country to support the distribution of digital evidence of vaccination. 

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Should the need arose, share your health status digitally to gain access anywhere without ever losing control of your medical information. You have total and complete verifiable control over who sees your medical information.


Trusted by local Governments and Law Enforcement, our encrypted HIPAA-compliant Critical Event Management System currently serves organizations across all industries in 42 States and 7 Countries.


Accessible via QR code and scannable on any device. Stored in our HIPAA compliant cloud environment and accessible anywhere, the authenticated digitized CDC copy is stored in our Verified VacccineCheck® Vault.

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